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Gaps in the fabric of lifetime

The world takes a respite from another weary day and is immersed in deep slumber. Darkness is pierced by the tendrils of light that would become twilight very soon.

She wakes up to the sound of the rattling pails of water, a monotone that is all too familiar, dusts her self off her blanket, cleanses and decorates the entrance to her home with kolam and deeply inhales the pre-dawn air.

He dries off his body and cleanses his mind with his recital of the morning hymns ringing in his heart and soul.

The threesome, however, sleep as if they never have a care.

It is the beginning of yet another day. He thinks, "Where is the hand that shall wake me up, wrap me in warmth and bring me some food and lead me to my day?" Just as this innocent thought breaks through to reveal the inner child in him, the fogs of responsibility close in - a tunnel around the light of day forms and leads to one single exit - other end of the day.

She wonders "What will Today bring for me, what shall I make that is new?"

He mulls over - "Whom shall I meet, and how shall I perform more work than yesterday?"

They silently congeal the dreams, aspirations, longings, love, affection and yearning for free time; and let it all settle down the gentle and deep ravine of the unconscious mind - from where it can never break free and flow into a river of action.

Focus! They now have work to do.

In a few seconds, their day ends - they never knew how it all passed so fast. Cutting, Cooking, Caring, Cycling, Walking, Climbing, Wringing, Drying, Picking, Sorting, Searching, Talking, Arguing, Doubting, Clearing, Cleaning... and now Closing shop.

No time for sitting down, no time for conversation - it's never been clear to them when they will ever sit together and share their ideas in the calm space of nothingness interspersed with the sounds of a lazy slurp of tea or coffee.

Time passes, weeks, months, years and decades. The three birds have flown, spread their wings, lightened the future of their new families with their hard work and honesty, sincerity and dedication, purposefulness and erudition, love and affection.

As they now recollect a lifetime of effort, playing with their grandchildren in the midst of a culture they don't understand, where attention flies faster than time; as they attempt to savor the rewards of relaxation well beyond what they were "expected" to achieve with the means at their disposal; they silently wonder, "where have our childhood and youth gone?"

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Why PI is not 4, math is great, and other mysteries.

The other day, I found myself with an interesting problem of approximating a circle with the enclosing square which seems to prove pi = 4.

The paradox was forwarded by a most interesting puzzle collector, Surajit Basu, a friend and life long inspiration. See Sonata for Unaccompanied Tortoise for why!

Here is the offending paradox:

This is an example of how counterintuitive questions can be answered with a little calculus.

The key is to realize that no matter how closely we approximate the circle, the orthogonal lines of the approximation formed by inverting the square corners will never actually be tangential to the circle.

Note carefully that as you get closer to 90 degrees, the horizontal line is much longer than the vertical. Same goes with the approximation at 0 and 180 - the vertical line is much larger than the horizontal component.

If we take a quadrant of the circle - let's say the top left quadrant, moving counter clockwise from top to left -  we can imagine that each inf…

Ambition vs. Fear.

Most important things in life don't come to us. Nor do we get them by seeking/wanting them. It comes from letting go of the unimportant stuff.

The hardest part is letting go of the tendency to take the world as is. This is a habit of our past successes.

But success is not a destination, it is a STOP sign. You stop, wait, and move on. Too often, we are paralyzed by success into the fear of the new. We stall on the road to a new life. We need to break our inertia and move.

Our thoughts and thought habits are hard to break. But that is where we have to spend the most energy. Thoughts are always competing strands  - of worries of the past and anxieties for the future. For some of us, they are cleanly separated into rivers that nurture every place they travel. For most, they are like the torrents and trickles -- competing, rushing somewhere, stopping completely elsewhere, always mixing, morphing, competing, winning, losing.

Our thoughts are the potential difference between the two pole…

How transformation/change could be hard - an analogy from Life

The illusion of steady change
Most changes are gradual. Or it appears to be, as you read stories and narratives about successful people. Be it successful CEOs, scientists, artists, startup founders, you name it -- almost every one who has reached a state of success, it seems, has had a steady run of successes.

We want to believe that these fine folks transformed their lives because they worked hard,  had talent, or had help, or many other things -- and it was simply effort and reward.

But we all know this is not true. Otherwise, we'd be doing more of what we do best, every day.

What is it that can explain great changes? It is a transformation. Yes, it has gradual bits and habits thrown in. But in the end, they were ready to transform themselves. They were ready to re-work their brains, bodies and life into a new combination.

Example from the chemistry of Life
There is an example in Life that may shed some light. Treat this as an analogy, but it has some lessons.

To illustrate, …