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The eternal traveler 1


 She feels the dying embers of the deep silent breeze
    of a magnetic force - a personality that no one ever sees,
 As she looks forlorn at the emptiness, where there is no scatter,
    She feels the freedom, a drop, precipitous, in particulate matter,

 She harks now to the eternal being, the one with an indivisible sheen,
   with a warm welcome in voices one hundred and fourteen,
 She dances on razor sharp soul strings of the harp verily made of heaven,
    In enchanting voices and singular music, all of twenty seven

She is a passerby on a journey made by eternity,
   Carrying the life and longings, of hope and humility,
Ever forward, never to come back,
   A glorious, ultimate, immortal travel hack

As of Oct/9/2012, Voyager-1 is reported to have hit the edge of the solar system, and has 'left the building'. She carries the golden record filled with 114 voices saying "hello" and 27 musical pieces from the world. 

As one of my friends put it, "a one of a kind event for humankind". The event was marked by the sudden drop in solar particle density as the Voyager reached heliopause. More information cab be found here.

If there is anything to celebrate in this world, it is this overarching human quest to reach for the stars, to bind back to our origins in the universe. Nothing can be more religious (re-ligare) than this! If there is spirituality in this world, this is it - our reach for the immortal essences that formed out of nothingness.

Thanks to a few people who believe that there is a possibility for our existence outside of our pale blue dot, our creation has crossed over into DEEP SPACE.

2013 is YEAR-1 of Humanity stepping out into the cosmos!

Unless you are Calvin(&Hobbes), or you read the dour news about low level divisiveness that pervades the high places of our world. You are then excused for the humor or cynicism if you think that "The surest sign that Intelligent life exists out there in the universe is that it has NOT tried to contact us" ;-)


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