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A picture's worth of fiction - 1

It was 2234 - and the scouting party hit pay dirt. There, right in the middle of the weathered remains of a palace courtyard, they found the fossilized remains of an ancient means of communication - a rather primitive micro-technology of fusing metal oxides on cellulose. It was nothing compared to our century's innovations that use advanced quantum entanglement to send entire planet-year histories in short bursts. 

There, frozen in time, was a specimen of extraordinary sadness. Was it the result of a struggle between an emperor and his son, perhaps, as the son's b'uk (as it was called 200 years back) was considered too radical - teaching extremely scary concepts like equality to a dynastic scion born to rule over ignorant masses? Or was it the last remnant of a marauding army destroying every piece of knowledge in the library of their vanquished? The scouts will soon find out. Amber, the restorer of the lost technologies, was alive in every fiber at his lab, seething with t…