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SkyFi - informal SciFi

PR Newswire, 2022, Bay Area Cyberomics Korporation (BACK).
BACK predicts that by 2022, the first packet-switched life form will evolve inside a US corporate network t​o do truly useful work for employees who need to gain productivity. This life form, called MC (“Me, Cyberome”) will digitally persist* itself in the dark-matter* blocks of the DSD*s within all our NCDs. There is no additional storage cost, as MC lives as runtime/ephemeral copy* within various de-duped data pools inside DSD drives on corporate data storage farms.
There is no additional compute cost, as MC attaches itself to every compute grid program that is launched/executed. It simply runs itself during the pipeline stalls that inevitably happen from human compiled code. There is no additional cost of security, since the binary will be completely obfuscated using Amit's IOP*. It will use call-home protocols to determine when/where to run. No one except a corporation's digitally signed and OpenID'ed user session …