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To AI or not to AI

Nowadays, everyone wants to paint a picture of AI. There are quite rational arguments being made, by thinkers great and small, about how AI will affect human existence - as it pertains to the replacement of our labor skills - and leave us with a deeply hollow middle.
Here are some concerns or rejections of concerns about AI that seem high on the list:
1. AI's promise of developing human style intelligence, or "how AI can never reach the level of human intelligence, because human intelligence is wetware and long-period-evolution ware". The concern, rightfully so, is whether AI will take away our general intelligence related jobs.
2. AI feeds off our data, and we need to take back control of our data and make sure the capitalists pay for it. The concern here is how money is driving AI in directions where the ethics of massive data collection and hoarding is simply not debated or discussed while leaving the decisions to "the inmates running the asylum".
3. Data i…