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A New Year Letter for 2011

[In the spirit of re-living the lost pleasure of writing letters, minus my handwriting]


A few more tears of happiness listening to soulful music,
A little more tiredness as you work yourself towards a worthy goal,
A few more thoughts towards the plight of the less fortunate,
A little less annoyance at the machinations of the keepers of power,
A few more hearty conversations with your best friends(for life),
A lighter load of worries of the past and anxieties for the future,
An increased zest in the service of those whom you love unconditionally,
An increased responsibility towards the world which made you,
The blessings of those who helped you be what you are, and
The company of those who truly make you live your life to the fullest,
Subject: to the best of health, happiness and fun,
Dear [Friend]
I humbly request your New Year visit you, and stay all year long!

as ever,

The Joy of IT: The uncommon denominator

There are three levels of success, in action: doing it right, doing the right thing and redefining right.

At best, the simple joy of performing an IT function is difficult and automated. Technology changes faster than IT architects can find time to keep up with. As a result, if you are not putting out IT fires or lavishing effort on the next killer technology, you are trying to master better ways of doing things. You know, "smarter" not "harder"... "faster" .. "more with less"... "support that non linearly scales with headcount".

Once you cross this step, there are decisions to be taken about the right thing to do. Armed with technical expertise, mastery of IT business, and of the role of IT in business, one can craft a trajectory for IT. Portfolio management, project management, business knowledge, soft skills and execution efficiency are all subservient, in this phase, to what can be termed "far sight": what are the right mi…

Meditations on the Cloud. Connecting back to mind body balance.

The human back is the infrastructure of our existence, much like IT infrastructures are the backbone of our business existence. However, our 21st century lifestyle has co-opted evolution and placed our backs under extreme conditions: we work at a desk, we travel using car, we relax with a TV, movie, video game, or a story session with our child.

A back than is bent at 90 degrees is something that an upright biped was not supposed to be doing 24x7x365.

Admittedly, it is comfortable to sit in a chair than walk or run miles every day to find food. We can thank our own ingenuity for that. Score one for mind.

But over time, this leads to a state where this comfort turns into agony: back pain. Score -1 for the body.

Net result: 0.

If you have never had a back freeze, I suggest you continue doing whatever you are doing to stay that way.

Here you are, climbing stairs lightly, carrying your child, trying to open the door, and catching a falling door-key before it drops to the ground…