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The Joy of IT: The uncommon denominator

There are three levels of success, in action: doing it right, doing the right thing and redefining right.

At best, the simple joy of performing an IT function is difficult and automated. Technology changes faster than IT architects can find time to keep up with. As a result, if you are not putting out IT fires or lavishing effort on the next killer technology, you are trying to master better ways of doing things. You know, "smarter" not "harder"... "faster" .. "more with less"... "support that non linearly scales with headcount".

Once you cross this step, there are decisions to be taken about the right thing to do. Armed with technical expertise, mastery of IT business, and of the role of IT in business, one can craft a trajectory for IT. Portfolio management, project management, business knowledge, soft skills and execution efficiency are all subservient, in this phase, to what can be termed "far sight": what are the right mi…