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A New Year Letter for 2011

[In the spirit of re-living the lost pleasure of writing letters, minus my handwriting]


A few more tears of happiness listening to soulful music,
A little more tiredness as you work yourself towards a worthy goal,
A few more thoughts towards the plight of the less fortunate,
A little less annoyance at the machinations of the keepers of power,
A few more hearty conversations with your best friends(for life),
A lighter load of worries of the past and anxieties for the future,
An increased zest in the service of those whom you love unconditionally,
An increased responsibility towards the world which made you,
The blessings of those who helped you be what you are, and
The company of those who truly make you live your life to the fullest,
Subject: to the best of health, happiness and fun,
Dear [Friend]
I humbly request your New Year visit you, and stay all year long!

as ever,