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The permanence of life

"Rama, this is just a cancer.. it can do what it needs, but it cannot bound my thoughts and actions, I have to treat it like any another thing that I have to work on."

These were the words of a friend that I most remembered, when I first heard that he passed away fighting it.

It is curious how we meet minds. It starts in early childhood, in school, in our residential neighborhood, in college. But a lot of times those early friendships never cross paths until we are out in the world and discovering ourselves. It was only in professional life that I developed a lot more common ground with Rags.

Thus, what we cherish in our friends has little to do with who they are, or have become. It has more to do with what we explore in common - competing, collaborating and creating.

In Rags, I cherish what is most valuable in his quest of life - every smile 100% genuine, every thought 100% heartfelt and sincere, every stance imbued with a questioning and testing attitude, and every ac…