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Footprints in the sands of digital media

There is an interesting pattern that indicates a rough security risk profile for each of us.

It is by no means scientific; it may be a very "US centric" list; and I have ignored second and third order effects.

Add the following numbers for yourself:

1. number of email accounts (include everything)
2. number of distinct credit cards
3. number of debit cards
4. number of social website accounts you maintain
5. number of IM/Chat/phone accounts you maintain
6. number of intranet passwords you have to remember
7. number of savings/trading/checking/retirement/legal accounts
8. number of online accounts with merchants
9. number of blogs for which you need login access
10. number of distinct internet/usenet style groups you belong to
11. number of news/info sites you browse with login access
12. number of hobby/recreation/professional sites with login access
13. number of company required login accounts (partner sites)
14. number of non-profit/voluntary group accounts/credentials