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Life Hacker from Indian epic - Karna

Krishna may be the most popular Indian god, a central figure from the Mahabharata - an epic battle story.

But Karna is the modern hero from this great tale. Sparked by a discussion with some friends, I set down to write up the reasons why I think he is.

Everyone should know his story.

Stripped of all that is due his station in life and at birth, Karna is the quintessential underdog. A non-standard output of an unknowing virgin princess/queen-to-be, he is orphaned at birth and falls into the care of a charioteer. In spite of his current station, he is uncontrollably led into archery - his warrior roots. A self-studied hacker, unable to participate in an archery competition among kings, he gets a break from the Kaurava king (bad guy) Duryodhanaon the spot. He is anointed a King, thereby given the opportunity to show his prowess. Karna considers Duryodhana a dear friend and only customer for the rest of his life - even going to war against his own brothers for the sake of Duryodhana…