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A take on Leadership

Leadership has many forms.

The most important ones are not taught.
Leadership is the knack of eliciting another person's voluntary, discretionary effort -- the kind that money can't buy, the kind that enticements can't move, the kind that weaves everyone's errors and efforts into a well knit cloth called results.

It is not about power, money, or control although those can easily stand for it in the short term.

The key is that we are all learning to do this every day, unconsciously. It seems it would be harder if we try to do it consciously, without training for it. The best leaders do it for the longest time before we know they are one.

So, it seems we cannot recognize a leader when we see one.

She carries no authority except the effort she brings to the table.
True leaders disappear, over time, into the fabric of the institution they helped create. A leader who is unable to sunset out of one role is also incapable of stepping into to the next sunrise.
A leader is one…

The story of a mysterious old man (Physics)

A tribute to those who gave all they have, to find the Higgs Boson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Two of the same kind,   climbing a steep mountain of high energy, accelerating to blinding speed,   facing off at the edge of the mountain top,
Ram each other as if to die,   In the darkness of a never world that was once abundant,   but forever lost in the great cooling,
Flash! lightning! radiance and shatter!   matter to matter there is a glorious scatter, near the place where two lions and two tigers face off,  the old man appears, invisible to all
The evanescent 125 GeV old man explodes,   and disappears within the trails of the lions and tigers, is he them, or are they him?   no one knew, until certainty met statistics
Does this explain all dark things -   The ones that fill the void with a ghostly presence in our world,   at blinding speeds that reach those of light?
Someone prays in the depths of our hearts and Someone answers with lov…