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Ode to an anniversary

So, here is a thought about wedding anniversaries for your consideration... this was spurred on, as it only can, by a close group of friends: "Why doesn't everyone write up something about their own anniversary (or better, why don't their spouse do it)"?

Ode to an Anniversary

Caught between the extremes -
of differential perception of 
identical things and the timeless happiness
of making life happen, together,
Flitting between the unconditional
hopes for their children
and her necessary
ascent to equality in all,
skating on the thin ice  of being too much of a huntsman
yet aiming to reach
an equal share with her,
in the evolution of their
of community and family,

A serendipitous union of minds begins
by a long weathering
of the razor sharp rivers 
of experiences -

colliding, cavorting,
cajoling, testing, serene, flooding,
silent, plodding.
Until all that remains,
are the smooth edges between the rivers
of personalities,

as they serenade the air 
with mutual dialogue,