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Net Neutral is more valuable than Gross Profit.

A silent change might carve out the majority of Internet usage (users) into digital have-nots.

The issues are complex, and there is no easy way to weigh in on one side or the other of the "Net Neutrality" debate.

But a simple argument may convince you more than elaborate pontifications.

Here goes:

Humanity is going to live in an increasingly software powered digital world. Net is the spinal cord for such a world.
A spinal cord that is partial to a tall or rich man is not how human beings are built. Take heart from billions of years of evolution: neutral platform technologies become the engine of growth for next generation of technologies. 
A network that is equally available to all is important for software powered humanity. 
The "minimum wage" in a digitally connected world is "equal access". The "spinal cord" of the digital world has to remain "neutral".

Act now: