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The unshareable lightness of seeing

The naturally ignored moment of a photo opp --
as you witness that perfect twilight moon
with your loved ones, friends, family.
The forgotten opportunity of the social share - the innocent laughters
of your children deeply
engrossed in the art
of unscripted moment-making.
The perfectly flowering smile of that happy parent,  as she REMs through her dreams reliving her favorite times of life spent
with her child.
The bright lit face  shining through the dim lights as you thank them heartily  for their gracious service
of food and shelter -
helping the rest of the world  live their holiday.
And millions more moments -
of travels with others  -- whose paths we may never guess or anticipate, but are there
to intersect with

Neither shared
nor share-able
in anyway other than
a mirror-neuronal
reflection with
a trans-perspective

Filled with deeper smells,  softer sounds, lighter lights
and darker darks, No digital net
does yet capture these summarized sensations
of --

A Packet Switched Society

A Packet Switched Society

The world of human social interactions
evolved as a small network
of circuit switched conversations
and interactions.

Happening in real-time
and space, together,
within sense-shot, it has built the modern edifices -

those we now take
so much for granted:
institutions, technologies
and frameworks for society.

This movement in
evolutionary space,
distinguished us
from most other creatures,

Now almost a platform,
plus or minus a few
black swan events
that could flatten it all

Into the beginning
of the next random walk
down life-space and gene-pools,
in an eyeblink of geological time.

The tools of this revolution,
our senses,
were perfect to build
the societies of yesterday -

Where circuits of conversations
led to breathtaking jumps
in the evolutionary space of
tools, ideas, conversations
and social change. 

In those times,
we had very few channels,
mostly single channel face-to-face,
building out extensive new creations.

With brains adapted
to this way of worki…

The impossible choices

Life is filled with choice, moment to moment. We are therefore led to believe that every choice is free to be made. Some choices are bounded by time - if you don't make that Black Friday choice, your deal is gone. Some choices are bound by space - you have to live here, or there.

But some choices are impossible to make after a particular amount of time has gone by. These choices aren't the normal everyday ones. These are hard ones. What to do after losing a loved one, what to do when you lose everything, or what to do when you've reached the place of your dreams as a child.

The problem with these kind of choices is that you are almost always too late to the game if you are thinking about it after the fact.

Even rarer are those choices, not about space or time, but about the mind.

If you are at a fork in one of these choice-roads, the curious thing is this: if you are looking at yourself AT the fork, you're too late - either choice leads you to get neither! You lose bot…